Mary Heath Photography


What is your photographic style?

My approach to portraiture has been described as classically modern. I draw on my training as a technical photographer to create images with precision, and my experience working for ten years on still life shoots for clients including Martha Stewart Living and Tiffany & Co. lends an element of refinement in the framing and composition of my photographs. All of these facets of my professional projects are reflected in my fine art portrait works of photography.

Where do you shoot?

I bring my studio to you, either at your home, on location, such as Freedom Park or Wing Haven Gardens. The important thing about choosing a photographic backdrop is that the location holds a special place in your heart. When shooting outdoors, it’s best to schedule photo sessions in the morning or in the early evening when the sun is low in the sky. When at your home, indoors, the best time to shoot is during the hours that the space is flooded with natural light.

What to wear?

I encourage my clients to dress authentically—be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. If you are a family whose lifestyle is fairly relaxed and carefree, then by all means get photographed in your blue jeans. On the other hand, it can also be great fun to get dressed up for family photos, too! When you’re dressing as a group, consider your color palette: Pair soft pastels with other muted colors, jewel tones with other jewel tones, and bold with bold. Try to avoid having everyone dress in one color or pattern, which may distract from the dynamic characteristics that exemplify the individual members of your family.